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A3547 Corn Integrated Pest Management Program University of WisconsinExtension, Cooperative Extension Service Crop Scouting Manual A Guide for Wisconsin corn production Scouting Corn: A guide to efficient
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The first and most important job in pest management is to obtain reliable and comprehensive information about the current status and patterns of pest populations on the farm. This information is critical to developing a plan for action, which in turn will enable the effective use of tools that are used to control pests. If proper data (especially timely and accurate insect and disease data as well as information on available resources) is used, the likelihood is that the plan will be effective and the proper control measures will be used. The first step in any application of a control measure is the evaluation of the pest population. This requires the collection of adequate and timely data on the pest population, and an investigation of the problems and their causes. Any information provided in this pamphlet or its supplements on the pests discussed will be of great assistance in determining the proper strategy for controlling or removing the pests. There are a number of resources available to help make the initial evaluation of the pest conditions. Most of the information in this publication is available from the following three organizations; the state extension systems for Wisconsin, Missouri, and Nebraska; the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.; and professional literature. The state and regional agricultural extension service may also be contacted for information about other pests and diseases of crops. The National Wildlife Federation (Wolves) is the American organization that supports the interests of the hunting, fishing, and trapping and the wildlife of the United States and the hunting, fishing, and trapping practices of the states and territories. It is composed of approximately 700,000 members whose principal areas of membership are the states, territories and Canadian Provinces as well as many private citizens who engage in a wide range of outdoor recreation activities. Some organizations represented in the National Wildlife Federation include wildlife conservation groups, hunting and angling clubs, and wildlife resource centers. Nina, Kansas: The Missouri Corn Board, Inc., is a grass seed and grain improvement company that is devoted to research, development, and marketing of grain products. Kansas City, Missouri: The Iowa Corn Board, Inc., is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Iowa in 1898. Iowa is the second largest growing state of corn in the United States. Lincoln, Nebraska: The Kansas Corn Board, Inc. is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Kansas in 1875. Kansas is the largest producing state of corn in the United States. Omaha, Nebraska: The Nebraska Corn Board, Inc. is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Nebraska in 1901.

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